Bitcoin Price Slumps 6% But Crypto Players Say Bull Run Will Endure


Bitcoin is currently trading at over $22K. A little more than 24 hours ago, it was trading at a record high of around $24,298, before slumping around 6%

Indian crypto stakeholders have said that despite periodic price corrections, the price of one Bitcoin will breach INR 1 Cr by 2030

Industry stakeholders have attributed the ongoing bull run to the interest shown by institutional investors in cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, is currently trading at over $22K. A little more than 24 hours ago, it was trading at a record high of $24,200, before slumping around 6%, as fears of a new Covid-19 strain in the United Kingdom gripped financial markets the world over. 

While most crypto stakeholders assert that the price of Bitcoin isn’t punctuated by the sentiment in the financial markets, there have been events in the last few years where the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin have mirrored the movement of assets across wider markets. 

Other popular but smaller cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple also fell 5.9% and 9.2% respectively. 

Nevertheless, in conversations with Inc42, Indian crypto stakeholders have pointed out that investing in Bitcoin is not for the faint-hearted, also expressing optimism that despite periodic price corrections which are bound to happen with any asset class, the price of one Bitcoin could reach single-digit crores by 2030. 

“At ZebPay, we encourage dollar-cost averaging — investing fixed amounts at regular intervals, regardless of the price of the asset class and sticking to your investment plan through the ups and downs. If you had invested INR 1,000 per month in Bitcoin since November 2019, you would have seen, on average, an 87% ROI (return on investment), with the present value being approximately Rs. 23,000,” he said. 

The surge in the price of Bitcoin is attributable to its strong fundamentals, as pointed out by Sumit Gupta, cofounder and CEO of Mumbai-based crypto exchange CoinDCX. Further, this year, in May, there was the third halving of Bitcoin, a supply shock event where every four years, the number of bitcoins mined gets cut in half. 

“In the previous two halvings, Bitcoin and the overall crypto market cap has risen exponentially, and we are witnessing a start of a similar bull trend,” said Gupta. 

Gupta added that institutional investors driving up the demand for Bitcoin could further ensure that there’d emerge a class of ultra-rich Bitcoin hoarders or whales, something that’s instrumental in ensuring that the price doesn’t fall as drastically as it has risen this year. 

Many payment rails like PayPal, Square are integrating cryptocurrencies in their services due to the rising demand for cryptocurrencies from retail investors. Recently, Massmutual, an insurance giant, made its way into Bitcoin investments.  Additionally, Alan Howard, billionaire hedger fund manager, is among the backers of a new institutional-focused investment firm, called One River Asset Management, that’s eyeing an as much as $1 Bn allocation to bitcoin. 

‘In the short term (for the year 2021) the price range could be between INR 50 Lakhs – INR 1 Cr for one bitcoin, owing to, the Bitcoin halving and growing global institutional demand,” Gupta said. 

Vikram Subburaj, cofounder and CEO of Chennai-headquartered Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange, made similar observations. 

“The UK-based Ruffer Investment, a recent example of investors looking to hedge their investment, had invested 2.7% of its AUM (assets under management) in Bitcoin this November. Even Insurance companies like MassMutual, the Massachusetts insurance firm with $235 Bn in AUM, dipped its toes into Bitcoin with a $100 million purchase. With more players joining the bandwagon we will be noticing more price increases in the days to come,” Subburaj told Inc42


At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $22,672, a nearly 17% increase from last week’s price of $19,302. Its market cap was $419 Bn. 

Ethereum was trading at $598, a 2.2% increase from last week’s price of $585. Its market cap was $67 Bn. 

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