Announcing The Makers Summit 2021 By Inc42 Plus


To help product managers, designers and entrepreneurs create high-growth products for Bharat, we are hosting The Makers Summit 2021 – India’s largest virtual conference for the makers community

Scheduled for 12-14 March, 2021, the conference will bring together 10,000-plus founders, leaders and makers working at the intersection of product, marketing and design to inspire everyone to build better products for a better India

The Makers Summit 2021 will feature 100+ speakers delivering keynotes, breakout sessions, panels and hands-on masterclasses, aiming to provide actionable insights, and tools and frameworks around how to build high-growth products for Bharat

We believe that the future of work, business and the economy is technology. We believe that we need to embrace technology to make a difference. We believe that India needs to innovate faster to thrive. We believe that we need to shift from services to products for a better India. We believe that we need better, smarter people to build and lead products – we need Makers!

When we started Inc42 in 2014, the word ‘startup’ had just become mainstream; the Indian startup ecosystem had witnessed its first-ever $1 Bn fundraising and businesses were beginning to take startups and their threat of disruption seriously, even though many called it a bubble.

From a handful of tech companies to thousands of innovative new ventures, India’s startup ecosystem has grown immensely in the past six years. From 29K startups in 2014, the number grew to touch 55,450 in 2020. Much of the credit goes to India’s rising internet user base that has surpassed the 500 Mn mark in 2020, even as data prices have reduced by 98% and data consumption has increased by 11x.

Over the past decade, the integration of the digital ecosystem in our day-to-day life has been a matter of choice or convenience. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has made digital adoption a necessity across the board, both for individuals and businesses. And the rising number of rural internet users (227 Mn) has proved that this digital adoption is no longer limited to urban India.

The internet has witnessed a growing outreach and has touched the very core of ‘Bharat’ as never before with startup sectors such as edtech, ecommerce, and the online delivery becoming household names across tiers.

This is why Bharat lies at the core of the search for the next billion users for everyone — from Big Tech companies to young product startups.

Talent 3.0 = Makers

While technology has been responsible for disruption, efficiency and innovation to boost India’s economy, the Bharat challenge requires the country to transition into a product nation. This can only be achieved with the help of a new breed of talent that has the penchant to tackle problems which look insurmountable. They are the folks who dare to dream, who dare to disrupt, who dare to build a better India and a brighter tomorrow. India needs Talent 3.0, aka the Makers.

But who are the makers?

It’s YOU – it’s anyone building products, designing experiences, driving conversations around tech, marketing, design, product and more!

Makers are the future of India.

Announcing The Makers Summit 2021

For the past six years, Inc42 has been at the forefront of championing the country’s technology and startup ecosystems, and driving the narratives which matter most.

After a phenomenal response to our first virtual conference – ‘The Product Summit 2020’, which brought together 5,000-plus attendees from India’s product community, we identified the gap in the market and the need for a platform for the same.

As our next step for enabling this thriving ecosystem, we are excited to announce The Makers Summit 2021, an initiative by Inc42 Plus, to foster the future leaders and makers of India, and usher in the ‘Talent 3.0’. TMS 2021 — India’s largest online conference for product companies, will bring together 10,000-plus product leaders, marketers and designers, to inspire you to build better products for a better India.

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What To Expect At The Makers Summit?

Hooking a user from a small town and monetising him over the long term is no easy task. It would need the confluence of new technology, a deep understanding of user psychology and splendid marketing to convert the Bharat audience into loyal customers.

With 100+ speakers and 50+ sessions spread across 3 stages, The Makers Summit will not only have keynotes and fireside chats with a stellar cast of product leaders, but will also bring in exclusive masterclasses with product marketing and design experts who will share their knowledge of puzzle-solving related to product analytics, UI/UX, running targeted campaigns aimed at user growth and much more.

For attendees, The Makers’ Summit will be the platform to learn the secrets of building high-growth products with the help of our signature in-depth, interactive masterclasses. And to top it all, we will have curated panel discussions for a 360-degree view on the latest trends and the right way of cornering product success. At TMS 2021, we will help you learn the tools and frameworks to build, launch and scale world-class product companies for Bharat.

Does it sound like a knowledge overdose? Don’t worry! We do not administer a one-sided flow of gyaan minus the lively, to-and-fro exchange of views. So, we are providing a networking session where our valued participants can join thousands of peers online for one-to-one discussions. They will also have access to themed networking lounges to become a part of India’s burgeoning community of product managers, designers and marketing professionals.

And the icing on the cake would be a lineup of new and innovative product startups pitching for their claim to fame! (More on this coming soon :))

The next decade of Indian startups will disrupt most of India’s traditional businesses and corporate houses. So, join us as we embark on this new journey to equip the makers with the right tools to build high-growth products for Bharat.

Stay tuned to this space as we hustle to bring you India’s biggest virtual product conference.

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