Observability Platform LOGIQ Raises $1.8 Mn In Seed Round


LOGIQ offers an observability platform for administrators and DevOps teams to get an understanding of internal IT systems

The company has said that the funds would be used for enhancing its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and for onboarding more customers.

LOGIQ claims its unified platform can bring together IT data from different platforms and APIs for a cohesive view

Bengaluru and California-based observability platform for IT administrators and DevOps teams LOGIQ has raised $1.8 Mn in its first seed funding round, led by New Delhi-headquartered venture capital fund Leo Capital.

The company has said that the funds would be used for enhancing its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and for onboarding more customers. 

Founded in 2019 by Ranjan Parthasarathy and Tito George, LOGIQ aims to solve the common pain point for IT practitioners, DevOps teams and developers, that is the lack of a unified platform that can converge IT data from different platforms and make it accessible and analysable. 

Observability, in the context of IT operations, refers to seeing what’s happening inside an IT system or process through various external information systems or data types. 

By unifying data types such as internal logs of applications, performance metrics, databases of activities, and other APIs, LOGIQ’s observability platform enables them to harness the power of machine data analytics for applications and infrastructure in a single platform with one-click simplicity. LOGIQ is available to use for free as well but support for all integrations and features needs a subscription purchase for production use.

Customers can aggregate log data and connect databases such as Elastic, Mongo, Postgres, Druid and Mysql for real-time visibility into the health of their IT infrastructure and application environments.

“We started with the goal of helping enterprises transition from managing their data in silos to a more unified manner in which they can harness their data,” said Ranjan Parthasarathy, CEO and Cofounder, LOGIQ. 

“With LOGIQ, we want to empower developers and administrators in keeping their infrastructure and applications always running. The funding raised will enable us to widen our reach and also enhance our AI/ML capabilities,” he added. 

The LOGIQ platform can be hosted as a self-service or managed SaaS. The company claims that its product ensures full compatibility with legacy infrastructures like bare-metal servers, VM’s, switches, and more modern cloud-native environments like Kubernetes and public cloud infrastructure. Some of their USPs include unified view, predictable pricing, one-click set-up, and zero tax storage management tax.

“There is a huge amount of data being generated across all sectors today. Consequently, the need of the hour is a platform like LOGIQ that can help enterprises organize, manage, and categorize this data without affecting their processes and infrastructure,” said Rajul Garg, Managing Partner, Leo Capital. 

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